Migration from Q7

Q7 IDE and Runtime became open-source Eclipse project – RCP Testing Tool. Continuous integration runner and maven plugin are still proprietary.

RCPTT uses its own test format, but has seamless migration procedure to use old Q7 tests.

When a Q7 project is opened in RCPTT IDE for the first time, its project file is updated to be RCPTT compatible. Every Q7 test can then be opened by RCPTT. Actual test conversion happens on first test save, this means that most of tests will be kept in Q7-compatible format until their first change.

Test Runner

RCPTT Test Runner should have different application name in its command line. See Test Runner command line reference

Maven configuration

Several elements in pom.xml should be changed:

  • /project/packaging = rcpttTests
  • /project/pluginRepositories/pluginRepository/url=http://maven.xored.com/nexus/content/repositories/ci4rcptt-releases/
  • /project/build/plugins/plugin[artifactId=ci4rcptt-maven-plugin]/runner/version = 1.5.5-RC1
  • /project/build/plugin/plugins/groupId = com.xored.ci4rcptt
  • /project/build/plugin/plugins/artifactId = ci4rcptt-maven-plugin

See Maven configuration for RCPTT