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RCPTT (Eclipse Rich Client Platform Testing Tool) automates UI testing of Eclipse-based applications. It is fully aware about Eclipse Platform's internals, hiding this complexity from end users and allowing QA engineers to create highly reliable UI tests at great pace.

RCPTT is provided by Xored Inc and was originally known as Q7 IDE. Now it is an official Eclipse project under open source Eclipse Public License and is available for free.

RCPTT Test Runner tests Eclipse-based applications by executing RCPTT tests unattended, on a regular basis. It provides a command line interface and a Maven plugin and establishes seamless integration of your GUI tests with your favourite toolchain.

Runner is required to manage test bases greater than a dozen of tests for projects that care for development speed.

  • Intelligent test actions recording 
  • Captures initial state to restore
  • Captures final state to verify
  • Requires no developer skills
  • Supports SWT, JFace, GEF, GMF, Nebula and custom widgets
  • Reliable test isolation
  • Smart handling of background operations
  • Tests are easily modifiable and version control friendly
  • Completely automated testing
  • Command line interface
  • Maven plugin
  • Works with Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, etc.
  • Human readable HTML report
  • JUnit or custom reports
  • Professional support (RCPTT support is included!)
  • Every commit can be verified by functional tests before reaching development branch
  • Handles application hangups, logs errors, stores every test step and its result

It's absolutely free and open source!
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